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Steel City Wash LLC d/b/a Mr. Magic Car Wash Expands into Ohio with Acquisition of Coates Car Care

Steel City Wash LLC d/b/a Mr. Magic Car Wash Expands into Ohio with Acquisition of Coates Car Care Pittsburgh, PA – Steel City Wash LLC, operating as Mr. Magic Car Wash, proudly announces the acquisition of Coates Car Care, headquartered in Niles, OH. This acquisition marks a significant expansion into the Ohio market and aligns […]
5 Reasons to rid your car of pollen right now

Don’t Let Pollen Stick Around! 5 Reasons to Rid Your Car of Pollen Right Away.

Don’t Let Pollen Stick Around! 5 Reasons to Rid Your Car of Pollen Right Away. As spring blooms in the Pittsburgh area, so does the inevitable invasion of pollen. While it paints a picturesque scene outdoors, it can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s appearance and even its performance if left unchecked. At Mr. Magic Car […]
5 Solar Eclipse Safety Tips from Mr. Magic Car Wash

5 Solar Eclipse Safety Tips from Mr. Magic Car Wash

5 Solar Eclipse Safety Tips from Mr. Magic Car Wash Looking forward to the celestial spectacle of the upcoming solar eclipse? As the cosmic curtains draw close, it’s crucial to ensure your safety while witnessing this awe-inspiring event. To guide you through the eclipse experience, Mr. Magic Car Wash presents five indispensable solar eclipse safety […]
Blog Post - Never Leave these in Your Vehicle During Freezing Weather

The Top Items to Never Leave in Your Vehicle During Freezing Weather

The Top Items to Never Leave in Your Vehicle During Freezing Weather Brrr, Pittsburgh has officially turned into a winter wonderland! As you bundle up and prepare your car for the cold temperatures, don’t forget about your belongings that often get left behind. Trust us, leaving certain items in your car during freezing weather can […]
New Year's Resolutions for your Car

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Car

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Car With the start of the new year, many of us are thinking about our new year’s resolutions – whether it be a change in habits or learning something new. But what about your car? Have you considered giving it some extra love this upcoming year? Here at Mr. Magic […]
Mr. Magic Grand Opening Celebration

Grand Opening Celebration – September 2022

FREE CAR WASHES! Mr. Magic Car Wash Grand Opening Celebration. Magic and Miracles Help us celebrate the GRAND OPENING of our new locations on Saturday, September 17 – Sunday, September 18, 2022, and Saturday, September 24 – Sunday, September 25, 2022, with a FREE MAGIC SHINE CAR WASH ($25 value) when you make any monetary donation […]

Mr. Magic Car Wash expands with the purchase of Mr. Speedy’s Car Wash

Mr. Magic Car Wash expands with the purchase of Mr. Speedy’s Car Wash Local car wash chain, Mr. Magic Car Wash, has announced the acquisition of Mr. Speedy’s Car Wash at 107 Clairton Blvd in Pleasant Hills. This change in ownership will not affect the day-to-day operations of the car wash and customers can expect […]

Mr. Magic Car Wash expands to Bethel Park

Mr. Magic Car Wash expands to Bethel Park Mr. Magic Car Wash has announced the purchase of the Bethel Park Rapid Wash, located at 2705 South Park Rd. in Bethel Park, PA. This new location will provide Mr. Magic Car Wash’s customers with a convenient option for car washes in the South Hills area of […]
Be-Leaf it! Fall Leaves Can Damage your Car

Be-Leaf it! Fall Leaves Can Damage your Car 

Be-Leaf it! Fall Leaves Can Damage your Car  Be aware of falling foliage and take extra care to protect your vehicle As the vibrant hues of autumn start to paint our surroundings, it’s essential to remember that those beautiful fall leaves can be more than just picturesque. How harmful could a little leaf be? What […]
What happens if you never wash your car?

What Happens If You Never Wash Your Car?

What Happens If You Never Wash Your Car? Pittsburgh is known for a lot of things… like ketchup, bridges, and as the home of the Steelers! Great weather and superb road conditions? Not so much. Yinz all know we get our fair share of bad weather, road construction, and all the other things that wreak […]
Conserve water by washing your car at Mr. Magic Car Wash

Washing your car at Mr. Magic is better for the environment!

Make Every Day Earth Day – Mr. Magic has the car wash the planet will thank you for! What’s the most environmentally friendly way to keep your vehicle sparkling clean? In celebration of Earth Day, let’s go over some wet and wild facts about water usage! Conserve Water At home, most folks use their trusty […]
Best car wash song list

The Best Car Wash Playlists

Best Car Wash Playlists Getting your car washed only takes a small part of your day. Use that precious time to yourself and indulge in some music therapy.  Listen to one of these songs during your wash to take something more than a clean car away from the experience. From a quick pick me up […]
Road Salt eats cars! Wash it off at Mr. Magic Car Wash.

Road salt eats cars! Curb its appetite at Mr. Magic today!!

Road salt eats cars! Curb its appetite at Mr. Magic today!! Salting roads is standard practice during winter here in the Pittsburgh area, and it’s an effective method for preventing weather-related accidents. In fact, the American Highway Users Alliance found that road salt reduces collisions by up to 88%. While it’s great for this purpose, […]
Top 15 Things to do in a Car Wash

Top 15 Things to do in a Car Wash!

Top 15 Things to do in a Car Wash From our Fast Pass Prepaid Wash Card to our Text Club and other incredible discounts, customers have a lot to love about Mr. Magic Car Wash. But one question more than any other is brought to our attention: What am I supposed to do with my […]
Covid-19 Keeping your car clean & safe

Covid-19 Keeping your vehicle clean & safe

Covid-19 Keeping Your Vehicle Clean & Safe UPDATE:  MAY 18, 2020 Vacuums and Vending Vacs and vending are now available. We are Operating at Regular Hours Original Post Mr. Magic Car Wash is continuing to operate in a limited capacity in order to maintain the cleanliness and sanitization of vehicles for essential workers, government workers, […]

Fast and Easy Gift Ideas Perfect for Everyone on Your List!

Fast and Easy Gift Ideas Perfect for Everyone on Your List! Knock out your Christmas list like a boss with gifts from Mr. Magic Car Wash! Why Mr. Magic Car Wash? Because we’ve got more than just gift cards – we’ve got a variety of gift options to suit every type of dirty-car-owner, from stocking […]

Road Trips, Picnics and Fun!

Road Trips, Picnics and Fun! Summer is here. Road trips, picnics, and the beach are all in our future as the summer continues. We are so excited for all of our vacations and events we have planned from the Fourth of July on. Your cars are packed and you are ready to travel, but what […]

Spring: Bad For Your Allergies And Your Car

Spring: Bad For Your Allergies And Your Car Spring is here! We love flowers, sunshine and Pirates baseball. As we all enjoy the nice sunny weather, our cars are out and about with us all over town. This means that they are exposed to the same spring conditions that we are. That pollen that causes […]

Drive Safe This Winter

Drive Safe This Winter The winter might be unpredictable in Pittsburgh, but it is still technically winter. Even if we get lucky, and the groundhog’s early spring prediction comes true, we still have a few more weeks of winter left. It is always important to review winter safe driving tips before a snowstorm hits. Mr. […]
Protect your car from salt damage

Protect Your Car From Salt Damage

Protect Your Car From Salt Damage The salt treatments used during the winter months can be great to prevent ice and help your car stay on the road. However, it can also cause tons of salt damage to your entire vehicle. After you have plowed your car out from the snow pile, head to Mr. […]

Get Your Car Back to School Ready

Your kids are going back to school. This means the hours you spend in the car has just significantly increased. Driving from school to baseball to ballet practice will stack up the time spent driving your automobile. Here are a few tips to get your car as ready for back to school as your kids […]

Tailgating Tips

The Steelers, Pirates and Panthers seasons are in full swing. Football season is here, and that means the grills and the tailgates will be everywhere. However, what is the best way to have the perfect tailgate in your vehicle. KLaw has some great tailgating tips to make your experience one to remember. So whether you are […]

Keep Your Car Mods Safe

Many people like to make modifications to their car to make it creative and their own. However, you have to make sure these accessories are installed safely. It is also very important that the modifications are safe enough to install onto your car. Here are ten things to not do to your car without a […]

Get Your Car Ready For Back To School

If you are sending a car to college or just getting it ready for the carpool, it is important to make sure your car is ready for the increased driving it is about to do. Students and parents have to prepare for back to school, but did you think about your car? Here are a […]

Aerodynamics and Fuel Efficiency

You might like the look of your new mustang or BMW, but these designs could be changing as aerodynamics become the hottest trend in vehicle design. Fuel efficiency and aerodynamics are the main goals of new car designs in the next few years. Keep reading to learn more about how these two goals are changing […]

The Rain And Your Car

It has been raining a lot in Pittsburgh this summer. It rains at least a little each day, but what does this constant rain do to your car. Rain can leave behind acidic deposits on your car, but you can neutralize this by washing your car after a storm. Keep reading and check out Club […]

Get Your Car Ready For Summer

Are you ready for summer? We can not wait for cookouts, bonfires, and the beach. However, before you hit the road for your first summer event. Make sure you are prepared for the summer heat. Here are a few ways to get your car ready for summer. You can learn more at the Automotive Service […]

Save a Little on Gas with this A/C Tip

We all know that using the A/C in the car requires fuel and can reduce your great gas mileage you have been working on.  However, there is another tip to save on your A/C besides rolling down the windows.  Keep reading and check out How Stuff Works for more information. We humans aren’t adapted to […]

Road Trips This Summer

  How many road trips do you have scheduled this summer? We love traveling the roads and exploring the U.S in our cars throughout the summer. However, before you hit the road, make sure you are prepared for the miles in the car.  Here are a few road trip tips for you to read up […]

Summer Car Care Tips

The long winter is over and the nice weather is finally here to stay.  However, your car needs to prepare for this weather change too.  Make sure to look over these summer maintenance tips for your car before hitting the road.  These will help you stay safe and be prepared for anything that might happen. […]

Spring and Summer Road Trips

Are you ready to start road tripping in this nice weather?  You may be ready to hit the open road, but is your car ready to get you to your destination safely.  Before you drive to your vacation destination, make sure to follow these steps to get your car prepared.   You can learn more […]

Summer Is Just Around The Corner

It is rainy out today, but that does not mean you should forget about summer.  Summer will be here soon, and that means the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix will be here before you know it.  This year the event will be July 18-29th 2015 at Schenley Park.  You can learn more about the PVGP here.  […]

Spring Cleaning For Your Car

Did you know that it is the last day of winter? This means that tomorrow should start your spring cleaning routine.  However, spring cleaning is not just for your home and workplace.  Your car can also benefit from a good spring cleaning!  Here are some great spring cleaning tips to try this weekend from GEICO. […]

Types of Motor Oil

You may chance your oil every three or six months depending on how often you drive.   There are many kinds of motor oil that may or may not work for your car.  You should always go with the manufacture’s recommendation for your car’s oil.   In this blog, you can learn more about the […]

Keep Your Car Working In The Frigid Temperatures

Keep Your Car Working In The Frigid Temperatures Cars, like people, don’t function as well in cold weather. Your car doesn’t like it anymore than you. Because most employers frown on hibernating, we’ve compiled a list of precautions to increase the odds of your car functioning in extreme or unseasonable cold. Preventative: If you don’t […]

Valentine’s Day For Car Lovers

What is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the car lover in your life?  We have some ideas.  First, you should get them a Mr. Magic Gift card, that way their car can stay clean.  Next, you should check out these great ideas in the blog below.  You can learn more here. Bluetooth Headset or […]

6 Car Care Myths

We have all heard various myths about your automobiles. However, many of these myths should not be followed.  This blog will go over six car care myths that you may believe.  You can learn more here.  1.Myth: Time to ‘winterize’ Car maintenance doesn’t need to be tied to the seasons. Other than possibly changing to […]

How Does Salt Cause Rust?

How Does Road Salt Cause Rust? The snow is here in Pittsburgh, and it is not going away anytime soon.  Salt is all over the roads, and after a few days of snow, it is also on your car.  However, you do not want to keep that salt on your car long.  Salt can cause […]

Ten Tips To Keep The Value of Your Car

Are you worried about keeping the value of your car?  This is a very important factor in whether to trade your car or not.  However, Kelly Blue Book has some great tips on how to keep that value of your car throughout it’s lifetime.  Keep reading to learn more.   Tip 1 Check and change […]

Say Goodbye to Road Salt

Say Good-Bye to Road Salt Wash Your Car Snow and ice mean that road salt season is here.  However, we want to keep that salt on the roads, not on our cars.  Make sure to clean your car often this winter to prevent damage from salt. There are also many ways that you can prevent […]

Don’t Text and Drive

AT&T has released information on a study that texting and driving could be addicting.  Texting and driving can release dopamine.  Dopamine is a chemical in your brain that is responsible for increasing happiness.  No matter how good it makes you feel, texting and driving is dangerous.  Learn more about this study below, and remember #itcanwait. […]

Cold Weather Car Tips

The cold is finally here in Pittsburgh.  We had a few nice days, but it looks like the cold if finally here to stay. Is your car prepared for the cold weather?  Here are five tips on how to keep your car in good shape throughout the Pittsburgh winter.  You can learn more at 9news.   […]

First Snow of the Year

It briefly snowed today in Pittsburgh, which means the first signs of winter are upon us.  However, driving in these conditions is something no one looks forward to.  We have gathered a few helpful safety tips for winter driving.  Keep reading and you can learn more at Safemotorist. The three key elements to safe winter […]

Do You Need To Change Your Tires?

How often do you change the tires on your car?  Changing your tires is important for the safety and driving ability of your car.  There are eight tips that will help you know if it is time for a tire change.   Keep reading to learn more, and then you can go check your tires […]

Tips to Save Gas

Gas is always expensive in the summer.  This price can start to add up through soccer practices, road trips, and driving to work.  However, there are certain things you can do to save gas during these trips.  The DMV has a list of some great gas saving tips to help you get through this summer! […]

5 Ways to Keep the Value of Your Car

Owning a car is an expense that everyone takes seriously.  However, ruining that investment can be easier than you thought.  Check out these fives ways to make sure you keep the value of your car as high as possible.   1. Putting Off An Oil Change While oil technology has improved drastically over the past […]

5 Tips for a Better Road trip

Are you going on a road trip this summer?  We always go over great safety tips to have your car prepared.  However, what about the experience of the road trip.  This is also very important.  Here are five tips to make sure the long hours in the car are fun and entertaining!  You can learn […]

Prevent Sun Damage To Your Car

Are you one of the many people that are not lucky enough to have a garage?  We have been there, and we know that means your car is exposed to all of the elements.  Did you know that the sun can damage your car just like it damages skin.  Your car may not get a […]

9 Fun Facts About Cars

What do you know about cars?  Many people let the professionals take over, but there are tons of car facts that everyone should know.  Here are 9 facts that you should commit to memory about your automobile.  You can learn more at LibertyMutual.     Your fuel gauge tells you which side your gas tank […]

Get Your Car Ready for Spring

The weather is starting to get nicer this month. It’s time to get your car ready for spring. We have some great tips on how your car can be clean and ready for the beautiful weather ahead! 1. WASH THE UNDERBODY Wintertime driving will coat the bottom of your car with salt, sand and other […]

The Worst Things Your Mechanic Can Tell You

Some car issues are easier fixes than others. But then there are those mechanical problems that every car-owner dreads, the fixes that make you consider buying a new vehicle because it might just be more worthwhile than paying the price for such an expensive repair. has compiled a list of the top 10 worst things […]

Steps To Take After an Accident

Nobody wants to get into a car accident. But sometimes fender benders happen. How you handle the situation afterwards can affect your personal health, how your insurance carrier will handle the incident, and the overall outcome of the accident. There are a few general things to consider doing after a car accident. This article from […]

Car Care in Winter

We finally have a nice day in Pittsburgh.  This is the perfect time to give your car a little car wash care.  What are the best ways to prepare for the rest of winter?  This blog has your answer.  Use the next two days to get your car to Mr. Magic, and you can get […]

Prevent Winter Damage To Your Car

Prevent Winter Damage To Your Car When snow falls in large amounts, the task of unburying your vehicle can be daunting. It is important to remove the snow properly to avoid unnecessary damage to your vehicle’s surfaces. People try a variety of techniques to deal with these problems, but sometimes they do more damage than […]

10 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Car

Are you trying to get the most out of your car?  Here are ten tips to help you extend the life of your car.  These tips can help your car retain it’s value and run for a longer amount of time.  You can learn more at msn.   Breathe Easier Even the most mechanically challenged […]

Pedestrian/Vehicle Laws

Do you know what your laws are as a driver compared to those as a pedestrian?  Check out this great info graphic from Edgar Snyder to learn more.

Car Tips for Going Back to College

Do you know someone taking a car back to college soon?  Check out these steps on how to get your car ready for the trip back.  You can learn more at AllState.                   Back-to-school time can be very busy for students and parents alike. One item not […]

Check Your Car Before Your Road Trip

Are you going on a road trip anytime soon?  Check out this blog about how to prepare your car for any long drive you may take.  You can find out more about road trip preparation at Wheels. Prepare your vehicle. There are four fundamental things to be sure of before you leave: tire pressures, oil, […]

Not Your Everyday Accident

We drive to work, we drive to school, and we drive to the mall.  There are millions of people on the road each day, and this means that accidents can happen at every turn.  However, some of these accidents are not the normal fender bender.  Keep reading to learn about some strange accidents that have […]

Get Your Car Washed at Mr. Magic!

 Have you gone to the car wash yet this spring?  The warm weather is staying consistent, which means it is the best time to get a wash and wax at Mr. Magic.  Do not waste the time to wash your car at home.  Washing at Mr. Magic saves time and water!  Do not believe us?  […]

10 PA Car Insurance Tips

Are you looking for new car insurance?  These ten car insurance tips are great to evaluate your plan, and make sure it is the right one for you.  You can find more great automobile themed infographics at Edgar Snyder.  

Bizarre Driving Laws

Did you know that you can be arrested for dumping your Margarita on the street in one city?  Bizarre driving laws are everywhere.  Keep reading to learn about these crazy rules in states, and make sure to remember where you are before blaring that car horn.   Alabama Apparently ‘Bama is an acronym for Blunt […]

Preventing Rust on Cars

Rust is a real threat to cars all throughout the year.  Washing and waxing are too great ways to prevent your car from looking like the one in the picture above.  Make sure to take your car to Mr. Magic for a full wash and wax to prevent rush from causing holes in your paint. […]

Reasons to Wax Your Car This Spring

Spring is almost here.  It will be getting warm this weekend, so it is time to get your car ready for spring.  Make sure to take your car to Mr. Magic to get washed and waxed while the weather is nice.  Keep reading to learn five reasons why waxing your car is important.  Click here […]

Improve Your Gas Mileage

Improving your gas mileage is something that everyone wants to do.  Here are some tips and tricks to make your car go the extra mile.  Make sure to keep your car clean because that can help your gas mileage up to 7 percent. Don’t top off your tank, even if you’re sure your next fill-up […]

10 Easy Ways to Winterize Your Car

10 Easy Ways to Winterize Your Car Even though it was eighty degrees last week, it has quickly dropped temperatures.  Pittsburgh is excepting snow in the next week or so.  This means it is time to winterize your car.  This will keep you safe and your car in good shape throughout the harsh winter months. […]

Best Practices in Getting Ice Off Your Car

Best Practices in Getting Ice Off Your Car Hitting your windshield with a broom or sitting for an hour waiting for your car to defrost is not the easiest way to get ice off your windshield.  Here are the best steps to defrosting your windshield quickly and easily. Turn on the car and turn on […]

Benefits of Car Washing in the Winter

Benefits of Washing Your Car in the Winter  Here are some facts about car washing and how a professional car wash is the way to go in the wintertime. It’s that time of year again. Winter is approaching which means preparing your car for some nasty weather elements. If you live in snow country, you’ll […]

Keep Your Engine in The Perfect Shape

The proper care of the parts of your car is just as important as the detailing.  Here are some great ways to tune up your engine, and to make sure it is always in proper working order. Take Care of the Basics   Replacing spark plugs, timing belts, hoses and filters at proper intervals require […]

Car Battery Tips and Tricks

Your car battery can be a source of problems for your car, if you do not know how to properly take care of it.  Here are some great tips and tricks to extend the life of your battery using items you can find at home. Aspirin If you get behind the wheel only to discover […]

Prepare Your Car for the Carpool

School is starting, which means fall and winter carpools will become a regular occurrence very soon.   However, there are things you should do to prepare for the carpool, besides checking to make sure you have all the kids.  Have you checked your car’s breaks, windshield wipers, and fluids lately?  You also should wax your car […]

The Interior is as Important as the Exterior

Keeping your car clean on the outside is not the only thing that is important in maintaining you car’s value.  Having a clean interior can also help keep the value of your car in tact.  Here are some great tips on how to keep your car clean. If you have trouble keeping the interior of […]

Mr Magic Can Help You with Rust Prevention!

Mr Magic Can Help You with Rust Prevention! Rust prevention is one of the most important things you can do for your car.  There are several steps to follow that can help prevent this and keep the value of your car.  Mr. Magic offers these services and wants to help you get the most out […]

Keep Your Tires Safe and Ready for Driving

  Maintaining your tires is as important as maintaining your car’s engine.  Tires are always subject to wear and tear depending on driving situations, road conditions, and weather.  However, with proper checks and maintenance you can keep your tires safe and in the best working order.       How to Check Inflation Pressure   […]

Car Care Preparation for You Summer Road Trip

Care Care Preparation For Your Summer Road Trip This is the time of the year when families start to go on summer road trips to all their favorite beaches and destinations.  However, there is more to going on a car trip then figuring out how to cram the suitcases in the trunk.  You car needs […]

Pittsburgh Parking Tips

Parking in Pittsburgh can be a big hassle.  Between the traffic and the inability to find parking spaces, it makes everyone want to avoid driving as much as possible.  However, did you know there are a few ways to make your experience parking in the burg easier and less stressful. Park Pittsburgh (App for your […]

Keeping Your Car’s Paint Like New

Summer can be a great time! Fun in the sun can include camping, visits to your favorite water parks, relaxation and much more, but there’s a downside to all the sun… It can be damaging to your car paint! Sunlight can cause oxidation which causes fading, and that’s bad news, but you’re not at a […]

Car Washing Helps the Enviornment

Did you know that taking your car to a car wash, saves you time, saves the environment, and saves the value of your car? Read below about the surprising benefits of washing your car professionally.   Owning a car is quite similar to owning a pet. We take time and great care to pick out […]

Car Cleaning Care Tips

  It is a lot more complicated than putting some soap in a bucket and starting to scrub.   Washing you car takes time, energy, and patience.  Read through some of these car washing tips that way you get the best for your car.  We who love our cars like to keep ‘em clean, but you […]

Get Your Car Ready for Summer

Get Your Car Ready for Summer Summer is just about here, and with it road trip season. Make sure to get your car ready with these useful tips from and stop by to get a car wash so your car looks at least as nice as it runs! Radiator Flush: The coolant in your […]

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