Gotta Catch Them All

Did you download the Pokemon Go App yet? Millions have and now is the time to use that app to save you money. At Mr. Magic Car WIMG_1224ash in Mt. Lebanon, we have come up with a great way for you to play the game, get your car washed and save money! Saving money while having fun seems like the perfect idea to us.

How do we do this? The answer is simple. First, come to the Mr. Magic Car Wash in Mt. Lebanon near the Castle Shannon T Station. You will find a few Pokestops around, but you will also learn that Mr. Magic is a Pokegym. Come to get your car washed and take a snapshot of you capturing a Pokemon at our facility. Once you do that, upload the picture to our Facebook page. We will send you a message within 2 business days with a coupon for a $5.00 Signature Wash (normally priced at $15.00)

It is so simple, and you do it everyday! We are so excited to see what Pokemon you capture and some fun photos of the process. 

Road Trips, Picnics and Fun!

Summer is here. Road trips, picnics, and the beach are all in our future as the summer continues. We are so excited for all of our vacations and events we have planned from the Fourth of July on. Your cars are packed and you are ready to travel, bumagic-web-logot what happens after you get back? Unpacking and going back to the real world is hard, but your car needs a little extra TLC after it has traveled all those miles.

Bugs, dirt, and pollen are just some of the things that will be covering your car when you get home. All of these things when baking in the sun can be damaging to your car’s exterior. We don’t know about you, but we do not want to fix our car after we just had a nice, relaxing vacation. After you get home, bring your car to Mr. Magic Car Wash. Maybe you are lucky enough to still have that Father’s Day or graduation gift card to use. Run your car through the car wash so you don’t have to worry about the sun baking dirt and bugs into the paint.

Phew! Now that your car is cleaned, it is time to plan the rest of your summer. We happen to know of a perfect event to take a nice clean car to. This event is great for all ages, and it benefits a great cause. Food, cars, racing and more await you at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix.

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix takes place July 16th and 17th, although there are events leading up to the main race all throughout July. You can find those early events on their website. This weekend includes a car show of American and foreign cars all throughout Schenley Park. Then, as you are walking around the grounds cheer on the vintage cars as they race around the track. Cars of all ages and models race throughout the weekend with the final races on Sunday. There are multiple vantage points you can watch the race as you explore the entire event. Also, proceeds from this event go to the Autism Society of Pittsburgh.

Now, that you have your July planned out, all you need to do is plan fun events for August. We hope you and your family have a great time on the road this summer. Make sure to drive safe, enjoy the weather, and have fun!


Dad and Grad’s Sale

It is that time of year. The little child you watched ride a bicycle is now driving to their own graduation. You smile and think of all the accomplishments they have had, but besides a lifetime of happiness what little gift can you give them to help them with the future?

June is also Father’s Day. DScreen Shot 2016-06-10 at 10.19.45 AMads can be incredibly hard to shop for. Does your dad have every tool known to man, or is he a simple dad who just wants to have a beer and watch the Penguins game? No matter what kind of dad your father is, there is one thing that dads and grads can agree on… clean cars!

If you are a going to prom or going to work, a clean car is something that every person can take pride in. That is why Mr. Magic is having the Dad and Grad’s Sale. We know that with so many graduations, parties and Father’s Day events happening, it can be hard to come up with so many gifts. However, this sale will give your loved one a clean car all summer long.

The sale is good for the entire month of June. The prices are 3 for $36, 10 for $110 and 50 for $500. These prices include gift cards, fast passes and ticket books. However, it is important to note that ticket books are sold online only. You can purchase these gifts online by following this link.

Now that Mr. Magic has solved your gift issue, you can get back to spending time with your family and enjoying every minute of summer. We want to wish all of the dads a Happy Father’s Day! Finally, congratulations to all of the high school and college graduates. We are so excited to see what you accomplish.

Spring: Bad For Your Allergies And Your Car

Spring is here! We love the flowers, sunshine and Pirates baseball. As we all enjoy the nice sunny weather, our cars are out and about with us all over town. This means that they are exposed to the same spring conditions that we are. That pollen thScreen Shot 2016-04-29 at 9.38.10 AMat causes your allergies to go crazy? It also can wreak havoc on your car. The birds that you hear chirping in the morning? They found a bright shiny place to do their business on the hood of your brand new car. Every season comes with hazards for your car, but we know how to solve each and every problem.


As pollen falls from the trees, you may start sneezing, but it also lays all over your car. As much as this is a problem for your sinuses, it is also a problem for the exterior of your car. When pollen falls onto any surface, it stays there until wind or water removes it. However, when pollen falls on your car it is not only ugly but it can also damage the paint. A regular wash is all you need to protect your car from the allergy-inducing pollen that you dread every spring.

Bird Droppings

The best way to save your car from the birds is to wash it regularly. Bird droppings can cause damage to your paint when left to sit and bake in the sun. A regular wash will clean these droppings off. If you want to be extra careful, you can also get a car cover to protect your car from these animal’s personal droppings.

Pennsylvania’s Other State Flower

We have all seen the online meme of the orange traffic cones being Pennsylvania’s spring state flower. Construction is everywhere from the Parkway West to the Liberty Bridge. We unfortunately do not have any tips on flying over the construction, but we do recommend driving extra carefully in these areas. A build up of rocks and dirt when hit at high speeds can put extra chips in your paint. Be careful around these construction areas, and make sure to get the cement and concrete dust off your car as soon as possible.

The easiest way to protect your car is to wash and wax it regularly. We do not want you to break the bank washing your car, so make sure to purchase your signature coupon book for the spring season. This is good at every location and will save you money on your weekly washes. We hope you are enjoying the great spring weather with your friends and family!


Mr. Magic Deals and Specials

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 10.58.30 AMSpring is here, and we are so excited that the snow is gone (hopefully). This means it is time to get your car clean and keep it clean. If you want to keep your car shiny, you do not need to empty your wallet. Mr. Magic makes car maintenance easy and affordable for everyone. We have various locations and deals throughout the week that make keeping your car clean easy. Whether you are at Brentwood or Bridgeville, we are excited to see you for your weekly wash.

Daily Specials

Happy Hour is not just for appetizers and beers anymore; Mr. Magic has happy hour every morning! Come to Mr. Magic everyday from open until 9am everyday to receive a Signature Wash for $12 (Save $3) or The Works for $15 (Save $3). You can save money in the morning on your car, and then use that savings for your after work Happy Hour later in the day.

If getting out of bed early isn’t your thing, you can save all day on Mondays. Magic Mondays at Mr. Magic are full of great deals. Head to any of our locations for $3 dollars off the Signature or Works Wash packages. These great deals can make Mondays just a little bit more enjoyable.

Special Deals

If you are going to be on your phone all day, you might as well save some money while you are at it. Mr. Magic gives you this option. First, you can text MAGIC to 49798. This gives you the chance to win a free signature wash every month. After you have entered our mobile VIP Club, you can tell us about your experience and save some money at the same time. Download the Yelp App and check in at one of our Mr. Magic locations! You may receive special discounts during your check in.

These are just a few of the ways that Mr. Magic makes cleaning your car easy. We hope to see you at Bridgeville, Brentwood, Upper St. Clair, Pittsburgh or Castle Shannon very soon.

Drive Safe This Winter

The winter might be unpredictable in Pittsburgh, but it is still technically winter. Even if we get lucky, and the groundhog’s early spring prediction comes true, we still have a few more weeks of winter left. It is always important to review winter safe driving tips before a snow storm hits. Mr. Magic is ready for spring, but until then, here are a few tips to get us through the last few weeks of winter. Car maintenance tips are especially important to get you through the winter months. The first thing you can do is check your tires for wear and tear. Make sure you have enough tread on your tires to properly grip the road. After, you have checked that, make sure to properly inflate your tires and continually check them through the winter. Weather changes can make tire pressures fluctuate, so it is important to check these throughout the winter months. In Pittsburgh, we are very used to snow coming unexpectedly. If the weather is bad, the best option is always to stay home. However, if you do find yourself out and about on snow covered roads, make sure to accelerate and decelerate slowly. This is important to regain traction and avoiding skidding. Also, make sure to give yourself plenty of stopping room between cars and red lights in case you slide. Finally, keeping your car and windshield clean from the salt and snow is important for winter safety. Visibility is a key factor for seeing icy spots or if you need to stop suddenly. Cleaning your car regularly will help increase your visibility, which can help improve sudden reactions. We recommend using our online gift card promotion to save money on your winter washes. You can buy our gift cards online, and they save you money on our signature washes. These online purchases also come with free shipping. Gift cards can be purchased for 3 for $39 (save $6), 10 for $120 (save $30) or 50 for $550 (save $200). As we anxiously await spring, try to keep warm in the next few weeks. We hope everyone stays safe in the crazy winter weather, and that we will see you soon at Mr. Magic. Other Sources: AAA

Protect Your Car From Salt

 wccWe all survived winter storm Jonas. Pittsburgh got a great variety of snow from 2 to 12 inches. Even though we got a varying amount of snowfall, the amount of salt on the road stays the same. Salt can be great to prevent ice and help your car stay on the road. However, it can also cause tons of damage to your entire vehicle. After you have plowed your car out from the snow pile, head to Mr. Magic to save your car from the damage this season can cause.

Salt is a key element to safe winter driving, but it is also extremely corrosive over time. What does that mean for your vehicle? Salt can cause corrosion, rust, and damage to many aspects of your car.

All cars could suffer rust damage. However, this is accelerated by repeated exposure to salt. Rust on certain parts of your car can cause varying levels of damage from ruining your car frame to hydraulic brake system leaks. The underbody of your car is the most sensitive to salt damage because a car’s underbody is the most vulnerable to the elements.

Knowing that this damage could happen, there are many things you can do to prevent it. We all must unfortunately rely on salt to get around in the winter, but you do not need to leave that salt on your car. The first thing you can do to prevent salt damage is to not leave your car in the garage or outside. This allows the ice, snow and salt to sit on your car and increase the risk of damage. You need to wash the salt off your car immediately.

Mr. Magic Car Wash’s classic Signature Wash features an underbody flush with fresh water. This can help by rinsing salt off the metal on your car to prevent corrosion. However, this should not be a one time thing. Anytime the salt builds up on your car, you need to take it to Mr. Magic to prevent damage. To help with costs, we recommend signing up for our Wash Club unlimited pass. This allows you to receive as many washes as you want per month. You will save your car and save a few dollars on car washes at the same time.

We hope Winter Storm Jonas is the only one we see this year. However, if another one is on the way, Mr Magic will help keep your car clean throughout the winter months.

Other Sources: Accuweather

Holiday Specials at Mr. Magic Blog

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 11.13.45 AMThe holidays are almost here, and we are so excited to spend time with our loved ones. Picking out gifts for the holidays can be tricky, but we have a few ideas for the perfect gift for your coworker, friend or loved one. Keep reading to learn about Mr. Magic’s holiday specials and hours over the next few weeks.

If your friend or loved one takes great care of their cars, then our prepaid car washes are perfect for their holiday gifts. This gift will provide them with signature washes at any Mr. Magic location. These holiday prices and specials end on December 31st  at midnight.

This season, we ’re also featuring a terrific Holiday Gift Bucket. This blue bucket is gift wrapped with colored ribbon and clear cellophane. Included in the bucket are 3 signature washes and various Mr. Magic cleaning supplies. These supplies include 1 can of Mr. Magic Glass Cleaner, 10 Mr. Magic wipes, 1 Armor All wipe, and 2 scented trees. Our holiday buckets can be purchased at any Mr. Magic location.

Now that you have your gifted car washes, when can you use them? These signature gift washes are good at any of our five Mr. Magic Locations: Brentwood, Castle Shannon, Bridgeville, Pittsburgh, and Upper St. Clair. If you want to use your car wash on a holiday, these are the Mr. Magic holiday hours.

Christmas Eve: 8am-5pm

Christmas Day: Closed

New Years Eve: 8am-5pm

New Years Day: 8am-3pm.

We hope that you have a great holiday with friends and family. We think that your loved one will enjoy the gift of a clean car for the new year. We hope to see you soon, and if we don’t, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday!


The New Mr. Magic at Bridgeville

Mr. Magic has five locations throughout the South HIlls in Pittsburgh. These locations offer many services to keep your car clean throughout every season. The Bridgeville location was loved by many of our fans, and now it is better than ever. This new renovation will give Mr. Magic fans the services they expect at each and every car wash.

The Bridgeville car wash opened in the 1970s as an automatic wash. Then, in the 1990s it was converted to a hand wash. Mr. Magic acquired this location in 2006, and it was kept as a hand wash until October 2015.

The hand wash was a good niche, but the labor intensive car wash model had flaws including quality consistency and long wait times. With quality and speed of service in mind, the decision was made to convert the Bridgeville hand wash to our automatic system. Mr. Magic invested 2.5 months to add state of the art equipment and electronics to accomplish the desired wash process. Many contractors came together to make sure this renovation was a success.

This automatic wash model is now open. It is providing the quick and high quality services that our customers look for each day. The wait times at this location will be reduced by 50%, while still providing the quality you expect at all Mr. Magic Car Washes. This renovation has also allowed us the ability to offer more options of washes that are designed to fit into your budget.

The Bridgeville location has two of these new washes for your budget. We have a “Works” option and an “Express” option. These options both take the same amount of time, but their prices vary from $8 to $18.

This newly renovated location is open everyday at 8am-8pm Monday through Friday. Mr. Magic is open on holidays from 8am-3pm.

For other deals and information, you can head to our website. We are so excited for our customers to see the new and improved Bridgeville location. We hope you can enjoy all of our locations and the extensive services that the Mr. Magic brand offers.


Get Your Car Back to School Ready

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 12.58.26 PM
Image From Pixabay

Your kids are going back to school. This means the hours you spend in the car has just significantly increased. Driving from school to baseball to ballet practice will stack up the time spent driving your automobile. Here are a few tips to get your car as ready for back to school as your kids are.

Check the vitals under the hood. To help prevent maintenance issues or potentially costly repairs, mechanics suggest opening the hood of your vehicle and checking the following:

  • Fluid levels of engine oil, coolant and transmission, and brake and power steering fluid—your owner’s manual will illustrate where everything is located and the proper levels to maintain.
  • Battery
  • Date of the battery (located on top). Consumer Reports suggests that you have your battery checked if it’s more than two to three years old and your car’s entire charging system checked once a year.

Check the tires. Check the tires for uneven tread wear, nails or other potential hazards. Road &Travel magazine says one easy way to check tread depth is inserting a penny into a groove—if any part of Abe Lincoln’s head is obscured, you have enough tread. Check the pressure on each tire with a gauge when they’re cold (not driven).Follow the vehicle manufacturer’s suggested pressure, which is located on most vehicles on a sticker inside the driver’s door, center console, glove compartment lid or in the owner’s manual. Also, make sure the spare tire is inflated and a jack, lug wrench and jumper cables are in the trunk.

Check the lights. This is a good time to get your teen involved in the preventive maintenance checklist review. Have him or her get in the car and turn on the headlights, turn signals and emergency flashing lights as you walk around the vehicle to make sure they are working. Check the brake lights by having him or her press the brake pedal, too.

Find local resources for students going away. Maintenance issues still can occur despite your preventive maintenance efforts, so it’s wise to identify resources near campus. Find a trusted mechanic or local dealership that services your type of vehicle, as well as a tire store. If your driver is college-bound, the university itself can be helpful, too, so touch base with its parking services or safety department. They may have suggestions for local car services and can offer helpful services themselves. For example, the University of Louisville has a Motorist Assistance Program that offers 24/7 help on campus for things like a dead battery, flat tire or empty gas tank.

If you have any concerns after your own inspection, having a qualified mechanic perform a safety check can help minimize maintenance issues and get your student on the road to a fantastic school year.

You can learn more at AllState.