We drive to work, we drive to school, and we drive to the mall.  There are millions of people on the road each day, and this means that accidents can happen at every turn.  However, some of these accidents are not the normal fender bender.  Keep reading to learn about some strange accidents that have happened around the nation.
When accidents do happen, they’re not fun. At the same time, sometimes they’re downright strange. What do we mean when we say strange? Well…
·       A bull found in a garage in New York rammed a woman’s car when she honked at the animal, and also chased the vehicle down the street as it sped away.
·       A truck driver managed to accidentally ignite his cab while driving and cooking.
·       A woman once got her vehicle stuck on a stairwell after mistaking a subway entrance for a parking garage.
Want to read about other bizarre accidents or get more information on the three we mentioned? Click here to read the original article on the DMV’s website.
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