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Mr. Magic Car Wash Pittsburgh PA

Clean, Shiny, and Dry... EVERY DAY!

Pittsburgh's Premier Car Wash

Mr. Magic is Pittsburgh’s premier car wash. We opened our first location over 50 years ago, and we wouldn’t still be here if we didn’t have something special. But, it’s not magic, it’s so much more. It’s our special blend of nine cleaning solutions. It’s our 100% fresh water and the most effective hot air drying system anywhere. And it’s the way our staff knows and cares about your cars. Whatever Pittsburgh roads can dish out, Mr. Magic can take it and make your car shine like new again. It’s not about tricks. It’s just about getting your car clean, shiny, and dry, every time!

Five Convenient Locations in the Pittsburgh Area

Hours: Monday – Friday: 8am–8pm | Saturday & Sunday: 8am–5pm | Holidays: 8am–3pm

  • Brentwood Auto Wash


    3800 Saw Mill Run Blvd,
    Pittsburgh, PA 15221

  • Bridgeville car wash


    1185 Washington Pike
    Bridgeville, PA 15017

  • Castle Shannon car wash

    Castle Shannon

    427 Mt. Lebanon Blvd.
    Pittsburgh, PA, 15234

  • Pittsburgh car wash


    2752 Banksville Rd.
    Pittsburgh, PA 15216

  • Upper St. Clair car wash

    Upper St. Clair

    1860 Painters Run Rd.
    Pittsburgh, PA 15241

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