Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a brushless car wash?

A: Yes. We only use soft cloth that is safe for your vehicle’s finish

Q: Is it safe to wash my convertible?

A: Yes. We wash thousands of convertibles each year of all shapes and sizes.

Q: Will your wax hurt my vehicle?

A: Our clear coat enhancer has proven to be safe for all makes and models.

Q: What grime is the car wash unable to clean?

A: We make a concentrated effort to clean the vehicle entirely. However, some substances may not be entirely removed through our process. These include road tar, grease, tree sap, egg, and paint. Some of these substances may be removed if brought through the wash immediately after being applied to your vehicle.

Q: What vehicles can’t you wash?

A: We cannot wash Hummer H1/H2, Ford F150 Raptor Edition, 05+ Corvette Z06, vehicles with bike racks/ski racks, trucks with open beds, or vehicles with extremely lowered or raised suspension.