Are you going on a road trip this summer?  We always go over great safety tips to have your car prepared.  However, what about the experience of the road trip.  This is also very important.  Here are five tips to make sure the long hours in the car are fun and entertaining!  You can learn more here.

 Take a few minutes to plan ahead. Check for roadwork, freeway closures (happening almost every weekend in LA now) and try to schedule things so you can avoid rush hour in any urban areas. Should something come up once you are already on the road, apps like Waze can help you find your way around them.

2. Snack healthy and hydrate. While it can be tempting to subsist only on fast food and coffee, when your energy starts to flag, you will only feel worse. Staying well hydrated and sticking to your normal diet will help you power through without an energy crash.

3. Explore a little along the way. While I’m not suggesting you tack hours onto your drive, doing a little planning ahead of time can help you figure out a few interesting points to stop along the way. When you pull over to stretch your legs, it never hurts to be taking in a view or enjoying a local landmark.

4. Multi-task. I try to make the best use of my rest stops so I don’t pull over more frequently than I need to. Filling up on gas, walking the dogs, picking up water and snacks, checking in messages, and washing the windows means I can get back on the road and avoid unnecessary stops.

5. Music makes all the difference. When you’re traveling alone, it’s vital. Putting together a playlist in advance can help get you through radio dead zones. Podcasts are a great way to mix things up.

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