Conserve water by washing your car at Mr. Magic Car Wash

Make Every Day Earth Day - Mr. Magic has the car wash the planet will thank you for!

What’s the most environmentally friendly way to keep your vehicle sparkling clean? In celebration of Earth Day, let’s go over some wet and wild facts about water usage!

Conserve Water

At home, most folks use their trusty garden hose to help them get the job done. Well, guess what? According to the Alliance for Water Efficiency, the average garden hose shells out a whopping 15 gallons per minute! Sounds like a lot, right? It’s crazy how much water we actually use throughout our day. Take toilets, for instance. They use anywhere from 1.6 – 7.0 gallons per flush, depending on when it was manufactured. Given that the average person uses the porcelain throne about five times per day, that adds up to a lot of water!

What about showers? The average shower spits 2.1 gallons per minute. Win that hypothetical argument in your head on your own time, we’re trying to save the planet here! Dishwashers? Older models use about 10 –15 gallons per load. Laundry? Even high-efficiency washers use 15 – 30 gallons per load, which is probably why guys only wash their jeans once a season.

Be cool - Don't Pollute

But getting back to washing your car — in most cases, the wastewater from your DIY home wash makes its way into the storm drains, carrying all those grimy, oily chemicals to either our water treatment centers or larger bodies of water. Not cool, man. How can the Earth live its best life when you’re not being cool?

Conserve Water and Protect our

By comparison, Mr. Magic Car Wash uses approximately 40 gallons per vehicle. Meaning if you use your garden hose for more than three minutes to wash your car, you’re basically flipping Mother Earth the bird. What’s more, Mr. Magic’s wastewater drains into sanitary sewers, where the water is then treated and reused.

And there you have it! Mr. Magic isn’t just a convenient place to get an Express, Signature, or the Works car wash, it’s actually better for the environment than washing at home! So make it Earth Day every day and swing on by for a wash the planet will thank you for!

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