Improving your gas mileage is something that everyone wants to do.  Here are some tips and tricks to make your car go the extra mile.  Make sure to keep your car clean because that can help your gas mileage up to 7 percent.

Don’t top off your tank, even if you’re sure your next fill-up will cost more. Once the nozzle clicks off, any additional gas winds up in the hose, back in the storage tank, or down the side of you vehicle.

Don’t idle. If you’re stuck in traffic for more than a minute, shut off the engine.

Don’t park in the sun. Heat speeds fuel evaporation, even while the vehicle sits.

Don’t drive dirty. Keeping a car clean and waxed improves aerodynamics and mileage (up to 7 percent.)

Don’t leave your windows down on the highway, where the A/C is more efficient because open windows cause drag.

Do drive the speel limit. Each mile you drive over 60mph is like paying 20 cents more a gallon of gas

Do avoid quick starts and stops. They can decrease mileage as much as 5 percont.

Do remove any extra weight. An extra 100 lbs in the trunk cuts mileage by 1 to two percent. Detach the roof rack to minimize drag.

Do leave your windows down when driving around town instead of using the air conditioner.

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