Summer can be a great time! Fun in the sun can include camping, visits to your favorite water parks, relaxation and much more, but there’s a downside to all the sun… It can be damaging to your car paint!

Sunlight can cause oxidation which causes fading, and that’s bad news, but you’re not at a total loss! There are steps the average person can take to PREVENT sun damage to their car.

1) Park in a shaded area: Obviously the easiest way to avoid sun damage is to avoid the sun altogether. Paint is tough, but if you’re the typical 9-5 worker, that’s 8 hours a day your car can be exposed to sun rays. We suggest seeking out shaded areas for parking, even if it means walking an extra block.

2) Clean off bugs: Insects not only make your car look gross, but the small amount of acid contained in some insects can be enough to penetrate your paint, so be sure to wash your car often… which brings us to our next step…

3) Dry thoroughly: Cleaning your car is great, but you don’t want to let water settle. Water can leave behind minerals including salt, which is harmful to the outer coatings protecting your paint, which in the end, can lead to fading.

4) Finally… wax: Wax is the ultimate protector. Waxing fills in small scuffs, and rejuvenates the outer layers of your paint keeping them like new so be sure to wax after washing your car. It’s a great way to insure it’s dry, and keeps it looking as glossy as the day you bought it.

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