Spring: Bad For Your Allergies And Your Car

Spring is here! We love flowers, sunshine and Pirates baseball. As we all enjoy the nice sunny weather, our cars are out and about with us all over town. This means that they are exposed to the same spring conditions that we are. That pollen that causes your allergies to go crazy? It also can wreak havoc on your car. The birds that you hear chirping in the morning? They found a bright shiny place to do their business on the hood of your brand new car. Every season comes with hazards for your car, but we know how to solve each and every problem.


As pollen falls from the trees, you may start sneezing, but it also lays all over your car. As much as this is a problem for your sinuses, it is also a problem for the exterior of your car. When pollen falls onto any surface, it stays there until wind or water removes it. However, when pollen falls on your car it is not only ugly but it can also damage the paint. A regular wash is all you need to protect your car from the allergy-inducing pollen that you dread every spring.

Bird Droppings

The best way to save your car from the birds is to wash it regularly. Bird droppings can cause damage to your paint when left to sit and bake in the sun. A regular wash will clean these droppings off. If you want to be extra careful, you can also get a car cover to protect your car from these animal’s personal droppings.

Pennsylvania’s Other State Flower

We have all seen the online meme of the orange traffic cones being Pennsylvania’s spring state flower. Construction is everywhere from the Parkway West to the Liberty Bridge. We, unfortunately, do not have any tips on flying over the construction, but we do recommend driving extra carefully in these areas. A build-up of rocks and dirt when hit at high speeds can put extra chips in your paint. Be careful around these construction areas, and make sure to get the cement and concrete dust off your car as soon as possible.

The easiest way to protect your car is to wash and wax it regularly. We do not want you to break the bank washing your car, so make sure to purchase your signature coupon book for the spring season. This is good at every location and will save you money on your weekly washes. We hope you are enjoying the great spring weather with your friends and family!


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