Did you know that it is the last day of winter? This means that tomorrow should start your spring cleaning routine.  However, spring cleaning is not just for your home and workplace.  Your car can also benefit from a good spring cleaning!  Here are some great spring cleaning tips to try this weekend from GEICO.



Give It A Bath

It is your baby, after all. A car that is routinely washed and waxed can add years to the life of the paint and body. Come to Mr. Magic and we will get every inch of your car perfectly clean. 

Make The Interior Habitable Again

Hanging a pine tree air freshener from the rear view mirror won’t cut it. A clean, cared for interior will help maintain your car’s value, and make the ride more pleasant for your passengers. Here are the basics:

  • Vacuum! Take the floor mats out and move the seats forward and back to reach under the seats. Don’t forget the trunk or rear cargo area. 
  • Use cleaners specific to the type of surface in your car — upholstery, leather, plastic, etc. Any auto parts store will carry these, but many times a household cleaner will work just fine. 
  • A can of compressed air will help get the dust from the small crevices around the center console, shifter and vents.
    Maintain The Moving Parts

    Maintain The Moving Parts

    It’s also a great time to do some minor routine maintenance to get your car ready for a summer road trip.

    • Check your fluids. When the engine is cool, check your oil, coolant and other fluids. If your car’s service manual recommends specific mileage service, see your mechanic. 
    • Fill the washer fluid.
    • Get ready for April showers by checking and replacing your wiper blades if needed.
    • Check your tires. Switch from winter treads or get your all-seasons rotated. Become a tire expert with our interactive tire quiz.
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