Be-Leaf it! Fall Leaves Can Damage your Car 

Be-Leaf it! Fall Leaves Can Damage your Car

Be aware of falling foliage and take extra care to protect your vehicle

As the vibrant hues of autumn start to paint our surroundings, it's essential to remember that those beautiful fall leaves can be more than just picturesque. How harmful could a little leaf be? What about several? As harmless as they may seem, you better be-leaf that leaves can cause some serious damage to your car.

Leaves can damage your cars in several ways. First, they can ruin your car’s beautiful paint job. Dry leaves are rough which means they can also be very abrasive. Keep that in mind as you drive through areas with piles of leaves. When you pass through, the wind can swirl them up and onto your car’s surface. Once on your vehicle, the leaves act as sandpaper, causing damage and unsightly scratches on your car.

Scratches are one thing, but leaf fossils are a whole other. Leaves don’t just increase the likelihood that your car or truck will be scratched, they decompose where they land. Leaves contain acid, which means several things. Sometimes the leaves have acidic substances like sap and pollen. Mix in water, snow, and ice – and you've got a potent blend of natural acids and toxins that can cause leaf fossils all over the surface of your ride. The longer they stay, the more time they have to cause pitting, corrosion, and eventually rust. The leaves from some trees have a level of acidity that can harm your paint in a matter of hours.

Leaves can cause more than just paint damage. If not properly disposed of, the leaves can accumulate between the body and hood can block engine air intake filters, clog radiators, and constrict cabin air filters. On top of all that damage, the leaves can rot, and the mold inside them can make the air in the car dangerous to breathe. Yikes!

What’s even worse? Leaves can be trapped in your engine and catch fire. So, ya know, no big deal.

Luckily, we have some tips for you to keep you safe!

  1. Be mindful while passing through piles of dry and wet leaves.
  2. Clear your car of any leaves before driving off on your adventure. Start by picking off the accessible ones with your hands. If there are tricky ones, use a leaf blower with caution as a leaf blower can also scratch your car. 
  3. Park your car away from areas where leaves won't accumulate underneath your car.
  4. Keep your car clean by visiting Mr. Magic Car Wash once a week, where you can receive a wash and wax with a Protect or Magic Shine Wash to prevent residue build-up of acidic substances, sap, pollen, and dirt. 
  5. Make your vehicle maintenance a habit!

With these tips in mind, your vehicle will look nicer - longer! Have questions on maintaining your ride’s awesome paint job? Check out more on our blog for tips & tricks on how you can prevent any further damage.

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