Gas is always expensive in the summer.  This price can start to add up through soccer practices, road trips, and driving to work.  However, there are certain things you can do to save gas during these trips.  The DMV has a list of some great gas saving tips to help you get through this summer!  You can learn more here.

Driving Habits

  • Give yourself more time, especially during interstate travel. Driving slower increases gas mileage.
  • Use air conditioning (AC) when driving at higher speeds. Wind drag caused by open windows is more gas-consuming than AC when driving faster, for example on the highway. Limit AC use when driving in city traffic. Gas mileage can decrease by use of AC at lower speeds.
  • Limit warming your engine on winter mornings. An idling engine, regardless of size, equates to no mpg.
  • Employ cruise control on extended flat stretches of highway, but deactivate on hills. Cruise control loses momentum on the ascent, and chugs gas on the descent. Yes, the savings are minimal, but since your right foot has nothing else to do at the time―why not?
  • Avoid the type of jackrabbit starts that “high tide” the blood in your head to the back of your skull. The faster you accelerate, the more gas you gorge.
  • Avoid over tapping your brakes. The more you brake, the more you must accelerate, causing greater gas consumption.
  • Eliminate aerodynamic drag by removing bike and ski racks when not in use.
  • Remove the flag of your favorite sport team. Your team will survive this loss of outward support, and, better yet, your vehicle’s aerodynamic drag will improve.
  • Don’t convert your trunk into a storage shed. Less weight equates into better mileage.
  • Plot your driving route, if possible. Avoid, for instance, congested areas during rush hour, or known construction zones.
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