Road Salt eats cars! Wash it off at Mr. Magic Car Wash.

Road salt eats cars! Curb its appetite at Mr. Magic today!!

Salting roads is standard practice during winter here in the Pittsburgh area, and it's an effective method for preventing weather-related accidents. In fact, the American Highway Users Alliance found that road salt reduces collisions by up to 88%. While it's great for this purpose, it becomes a SALTY TERROR when it comes to your car!

With below-freezing temperatures and messy, salty roads carrying on for most of the winter, it's easy to put off trips to the carwash to deal with the dirt and grime until the weather clears. However, beyond the aesthetics of a dirty exterior and interior, allowing road salt and other winter muck to linger on a vehicle can cause corrosion and damage to your vehicle's crucial components.

Salt is corrosive and creates chemical reactions that accelerate the process of rust formation on exposed metal surfaces. Thanks to advances in surface technology, you don't have to worry as much about defacing the paint on your car. The real danger is to the UNDERCARRIAGE, which takes the brunt of the damage from driving through snow, ice, and road salt. Two parts that are especially susceptible to damage are the brake and fuel lines. Long-term exposure means risking not only your car’s looks but its overall safety.

The best thing you can do is to wash frequently throughout the winter. Washing your car at least once a week helps keep the salt from building up and chomping away at your vehicle. Even if you haven't been kicking up salt on the Parkway, caked-on snow, ice, mud, and grime are trapping moisture against your car with the same result. After a heavy bout of snow or ice hit the car wash as soon as the temperature is above freezing. Be sure to invest in a wash that cleans the undercarriage and consider a fluid film coating for extra protection. Don't neglect your interior! Cloth upholstery can easily get stained from the water and salt on your coat and gloves when you sit in your vehicle and your carpets take a beating from your wet, muddy, and snowy boots. Getting a full car detail during the winter is an excellent idea, whatever you do, sort it out quickly before your upholstery and carpets are stained for good!

Old Man Winter is no car’s friend, but with a little extra care throughout this season, you can protect your car and the investment you have in it.

Look to your nearest Mr. Magic Car Wash to save your car from the salt monster!   Both our Signature Wash and The Works Wash feature an underbody flush with fresh water, a high-pressure wheel flush, and our Magic Wrap clear coat protectant.  SAVE $$$ by pre-purchasing washes! Check out our Fast Pass Prepaid Wash Card, Wash Ticket Books with 3, 10, or 50 wash tickets to share with friends,  or keep your car clean, shiny, and dry all the time by joining our UNLIMITED WASH CLUB and wash as many times as you want for one low monthly price. Sign up for unlimited car washes online today and get immediate access!


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