Top 15 Things to do in a Car Wash

Top 15 Things to do in a Car Wash

From our Fast Pass Prepaid Wash Card to our Text Club and other incredible discounts, customers have a lot to love about Mr. Magic Car Wash.

But one question more than any other is brought to our attention: What am I supposed to do with my time during the actual car wash?

Sure, you could spend that time on your phone, browsing the usual time-waster sites or eating up all your data checking out the latest cat videos. But the car wash is like your shower or your bed. It’s a sacred place, tucked away from the world. A safe place where you’re free to be yourself and enjoy a few moments of quiet contemplation. Or the opposite. Whatever blows your hair back. We don’t judge.

For some of you, simply kicking back behind the wheel while your car traverses the bubbly confines of our tunnel of suds isn’t enough. You need action. You need adventure. You need…

The Top 15 Things to do in a Car Wash!*

Let’s dive right in with #15. That’s right, we’re doing a countdown — flipping the script on all the other list blogs!


Sing Under the Sea at the top of your lungs.


Record the sound of the car wash and use it as the backdrop of a sweet new dubstep song.


Remember that odd smell that’s been lingering since the aughts? Time to find the source.


See if those old french fries are any good. They’re probably fine.


Fixate on that embarrassing thing you did that one time.


For the love of everything holy, clean out your glovebox. We’re begging you.


Remember that driver that flipped you off? What do you suppose they’re up to nowadays?


Keep a sharp lookout for Merfolk. They’re tricksy.


Cut yourself some slack. You’re doing better than you think.


Pretend you’re William Shatner from that plane episode of The Twilight Zone.


Look for evidence that your car is really a Transformer.


Pretend you’re in a submarine race. Winner gets a year’s supply of torpedoes!


Contemplate the unknowable nature of the universe and the existential dread inherent in the human condition.


Check and see exactly how outdated your registration is.

And now, the #1 thing to do while experiencing the sudsy glory of a Mr. Magic car wash!


Check on that family of opossums living under your driver’s seat. Offer them some of those french fries.

Need more ideas? We have like six more lists, all tailored to your specific situation!

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* Rated E for Everyone.

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