Protect Your Car From Salt Damage

Protect your car from salt damage

The salt treatments used during the winter months can be great to prevent ice and help your car stay on the road. However, it can also cause tons of salt damage to your entire vehicle. After you have plowed your car out from the snow pile, head to Mr. Magic to save your car from the damage this season can cause.

Salt is a key element to safe winter driving, but it is also extremely corrosive over time. What does that mean for your vehicle? Salt can cause corrosion, rust, and damage to many aspects of your car.

All cars could suffer rust damage. However, this is accelerated by repeated exposure to salt. Rust on certain parts of your car can cause varying levels of damage from ruining your car frame to hydraulic brake system leaks. The underbody of your car is the most sensitive to salt damage because a car’s underbody is the most vulnerable to the elements.

Knowing that this damage could happen, there are many things you can do to prevent it. We all must, unfortunately, rely on salt to get around in the winter, but you do not need to leave that salt on your car. The first thing you can do to prevent salt damage is to not leave your car in the garage or outside. This allows the ice, snow, and salt to sit on your car and increase the risk of damage. You need to wash the salt off your car immediately.

Mr. Magic Car Wash’s classic Signature Wash features an underbody flush with fresh water. This can help by rinsing the salt off the metal on your car to prevent corrosion. However, this should not be a one-time thing. Anytime the salt builds up on your car, you need to take it to Mr. Magic to prevent damage. To help with costs, we recommend signing up for our Unlimited Wash Club. This allows you to receive as many washes as you want per month. You will save your car and save a few dollars on car washes at the same time.

We hope Winter Storm Jonas is the only one we see this year. However, if another one is on the way, Mr. Magic will help keep your car clean throughout the winter months.

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