Say Good-Bye to Road Salt

Road salt eats cars

Wash Your Car

Snow and ice mean that road salt season is here.  However, we want to keep that salt on the roads, not on our cars.  Make sure to clean your car often this winter to prevent damage from salt. There are also many ways that you can prevent salt damage before the weather gets bad.

This winter we want to remind you to wash your cars as soon as it warms up to an above-freezing temperature. You’ll know it’s safe because lines at the car washes will start forming, as careful vehicle owners know how important it is to keep the exterior of the car free of salt. And even if you’re someone who hates to wait in line, find some way to rinse off the salt that’s stuck to the sides of your car. Try to wash your car during the day, so that if the temperature drops at night, you’ll be sure to avoid frozen doors and locks.

It’s important to remove the salt from your car for both mechanical and resale value reasons. Mechanically, salt can cause corrosion and rust damage, and especially to the undercarriage of your vehicle. This could result in costly repairs and damage to your vehicle. Cosmetically, salt can also create rust around the tires, fender, and doors, and cause exterior paint to chip away. It’s especially important to prevent this when thinking about your car’s resale value. Vehicles with rust, paint chips, and exterior damage will not be resold for the same value as cars that have been well maintained and kept clean.

Preventing Rock Salt Damage

One suggestion for preventing damage from rock salt is to wax your vehicle before the winter months hit. This will help put a polish on your car that prevents damage. Also, make sure to continually inspect your car and touch up any paint chips. Try to rinse off your car every 10 days, as the weather allows.

While You’re At it, Vacuum your Car, too.

While you’re working on keeping the exterior salt-free, run the vacuum through the interior of your car, too. When you keep the inside AND outside of your vehicle clean, it helps protect your investment and increase your resale value. Cars that have been properly maintained and repaired are often sold for much higher prices.

Salt: great for the roads, bad for your car. Make sure to wash the salt off of your car as soon as possible.

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