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It has been raining a lot in Pittsburgh this summer. It rains at least a little each day, but what does this constant rain do to your car. Rain can leave behind acidic deposits on your car, but you can neutralize this by washing your car after a storm. Keep reading and check out Club Lexus for more information.


Your car is filthy, and it’s about to rain. A tempting time to let Mother Nature take care of the dirty work, but even a light drizzle can leave damaging deposits. Better break out the bucket and soap instead.

Why Wash: Rain rinses away dirt and dust, but it also leaves behind acidic deposits that can take a toll on the exposed parts of your car. This means that your car actually needs to be washed more frequently during rainy times to protect your paint job and any metallic finishes, like chrome.

When To Wash: It’s best to wash your car every 7-10 days with car shampoo. Remember to wash your wheels, where grime and water spots easily collect.

If your car has been out in the rain and you don’t have time for a full wash, you can neutralize the rain’s acidity with a quick hose down. Keep in mind that hard water can also leave behind a residue, so it’s best to make time for at least a semi-regular scrub.

Wash Tips: Always use a car shampoo. Unlike regular soap or other detergents, car shampoo contains a lubricant that protects soft paint from scrubbing scratches. When you wash, use a soft cloth or non-abrasive sponge. After all, you’re not cleaning last night’s lasagna pan.

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