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How many road trips do you have scheduled this summer? We love traveling the roads and exploring the U.S in our cars throughout the summer. However, before you hit the road, make sure you are prepared for the miles in the car.  Here are a few road trip tips for you to read up on before you hit the road.


Read Up

We know - reading is the last thing you want to do before you get in your car and go. But we promise - spending just a little time reading up on summer driving tips and what to do in an emergency can help you stay safe. The NHTSA has a great (and fun!) interactive guide to summer road trips that you can check out here.


Understand How Your Car Works in the Heat

When the sun’s up for longer and the weather is warmer, your car may drive a little differently. Understanding how to keep your car in great shape no matter the season is key to a great road trip. After all, finding out that your car is prone to overheating could mean hours on the side of the highway waiting for a tow if you’re not ready for it.


Pack Up!

You’re probably busy figuring out where your bathing suit is, but don’t forget to pack some car essentials, too. Extra coolant, some oil...these will help save your trip should things go south. Make sure you’re prepared by stocking up before you leave home (and on more than just sunscreen). If you keep an emergency kit in your car, make sure it’s all stocked up and ready to go.


Have a Plan in Place

While it’s fun to just jump in the car, knowing what to do both in an emergency and in case of surprises can help you out. If you have, for example, an itinerary for your trip, consider adding an hour or two to each drive to ensure you’re not crunched for time. This article from Independent Traveler offers excellent advice for understanding what you can plan for when it comes to your road trip.


Of course, no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, the biggest tip is this: Have fun! Your summer road trip should be enjoyable! And when you’re ready for your trip, you’ll be able to focus on the fun (instead of worrying about an emergency).

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