Best Practices in Getting Ice Off Your Car

Hitting your windshield with a broom or sitting for an hour waiting for your car to defrost is not the easiest way to get ice off your windshield.  Here are the best steps to defrosting your windshield quickly and easily.

  • Turn on the car and turn on the windshield defroster.
  • Brush the loose snow off the windshield with a broom.
  • Pour rubbing alcohol or deicer into a clean spray bottle.
  • Coat the ice with rubbing alcohol or deicer, according to
  • To scrape, start at the bottom of the windshield. Hold the ice scraper firmly with one hand. Place the other hand on the upper part of the handle. Set the blade against the ice at a 45-degree angle. Use short back and forth motions to loosen and remove the ice.
  •   Brush off loose pieces of ice with the broom.
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