The cold is finally here in Pittsburgh.  We had a few nice days, but it looks like the cold if finally here to stay. Is your car prepared for the cold weather?  Here are five tips on how to keep your car in good shape throughout the Pittsburgh winter.  You can learn more at 9news.


1.Give your car time to warm up

Warming up your car helps it run better, but remember: unattended warm-up is actually illegal in most Colorado cities because of vulnerability to car theft.

2. Plug in your block heater (if you have one)

Plugging in your engine allows it to resist the stress caused by freezing temperatures.

3.Lift windshield wipers off the windshield during inactivity

You’ve seen how quickly your wipers ice up when they’re in contact with snow on glass – and this makes them less effective. Also remember to scrape the bottom and edges of your windshield to protect the wipers.

4. Clear the cowl grate at the outside bottom of your windshield

Any blockage to the cowl grate – which provides the air intake for the car’s heater – increases the risk that under-hood fumes could seep into the passenger compartment.

5. Ask a mechanic to inspect your vehicle

If you’re clueless about cars, it’s probably a good time to ask a professional to check yours out fo cold weather preparedness. Because safety.

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