Summer Car Care Tips

The long winter is over and the nice weather is finally here to stay.  However, your car needs to prepare for this weather change too.  Make sure to look over these summer maintenance tips for your car before hitting the road.  These will help you stay safe and be prepared for anything that might happen. …

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Spring and Summer Road Trips

Are you ready to start road tripping in this nice weather?  You may be ready to hit the open road, but is your car ready to get you to your destination safely.  Before you drive to your vacation destination, make sure to follow these steps to get your car prepared.   You can learn more …

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Spring Cleaning For Your Car

Did you know that it is the last day of winter? This means that tomorrow should start your spring cleaning routine.  However, spring cleaning is not just for your home and workplace.  Your car can also benefit from a good spring cleaning!  Here are some great spring cleaning tips to try this weekend from GEICO. …

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Types of Motor Oil

You may chance your oil every three or six months depending on how often you drive.   There are many kinds of motor oil that may or may not work for your car.  You should always go with the manufacture’s recommendation for your car’s oil.   In this blog, you can learn more about the …

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6 Car Care Myths

We have all heard various myths about your automobiles. However, many of these myths should not be followed.  This blog will go over six car care myths that you may believe.  You can learn more here.  1.Myth: Time to ‘winterize’ Car maintenance doesn’t need to be tied to the seasons. Other than possibly changing to …

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Don’t Text and Drive

AT&T has released information on a study that texting and driving could be addicting.  Texting and driving can release dopamine.  Dopamine is a chemical in your brain that is responsible for increasing happiness.  No matter how good it makes you feel, texting and driving is dangerous.  Learn more about this study below, and remember #itcanwait. …

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