Pass Your Car Inspection

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Image From Pixabay

We are all residents of the state of Pennsylvania. This means that every year we have to go into the shop for a car emissions and check up. No one wants to pay hundreds of dollars to fix their car so the mechanic will pass it for the year. Here are a few things you can do to help reduce costs and make sure your car passes the inspection.  You can learn more here. 





  1. Check all lights. Make sure that all lights are in working order, including the brake lights and headlights. If any of the lights are not working, get them fixed before the inspection.

  2. Make sure no warning lights are illuminated on the dashboard before you go to the car inspection. If one of the lights is on, check with a mechanic to determine the cause.

  3. Examine the tire pressure and look for excessive tread wear. Problems with your tires can be a cause for inspection failure.

  4. Inspect brake pads for wear. Brakes need to be in good working order in order to pass a vehicle inspection.

  5. Get a tune up and oil change. If you are overdue for an oil change or a tune up, before an inspection is a good time to get these done. An engine in good working order runs more efficiently and emits fewer toxins.

  6. Have all documents ready ahead of time. Most motor vehicle departments will want to see your insurance and registration cards before they inspect your vehicle.