Winter Car Care Tips

Drive Safe This Winter

Drive Safe This Winter The winter might be unpredictable in Pittsburgh, but it is still technically winter. Even if we get lucky, and the groundhog’s early spring prediction comes true, we still have a few more weeks of winter left. It is always important to review winter safe driving tips before a snowstorm hits. Mr. …

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How Does Salt Cause Rust?

How Does Road Salt Cause Rust? The snow is here in Pittsburgh, and it is not going away anytime soon.  Salt is all over the roads, and after a few days of snow, it is also on your car.  However, you do not want to keep that salt on your car long.  Salt can cause …

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Say Goodbye to Road Salt

Say Good-Bye to Road Salt Wash Your Car Snow and ice mean that road salt season is here.  However, we want to keep that salt on the roads, not on our cars.  Make sure to clean your car often this winter to prevent damage from salt. There are also many ways that you can prevent …

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Cold Weather Car Tips

The cold is finally here in Pittsburgh.  We had a few nice days, but it looks like the cold if finally here to stay. Is your car prepared for the cold weather?  Here are five tips on how to keep your car in good shape throughout the Pittsburgh winter.  You can learn more at 9news.   …

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First Snow of the Year

It briefly snowed today in Pittsburgh, which means the first signs of winter are upon us.  However, driving in these conditions is something no one looks forward to.  We have gathered a few helpful safety tips for winter driving.  Keep reading and you can learn more at Safemotorist. The three key elements to safe winter …

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Car Care in Winter

We finally have a nice day in Pittsburgh.  This is the perfect time to give your car a little car wash care.  What are the best ways to prepare for the rest of winter?  This blog has your answer.  Use the next two days to get your car to Mr. Magic, and you can get …

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